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“ Jesus has many lovers of His kingdom, but He has few bearers of His cross ” – T. Kempis


  Creative, Innovative, Professional  

                                                        Above Photos - The School Library 

Hard working students taken care of by dedicated librarians - Mr Jason Florian (Teacher of Italian), Ms Patrizia Micallef (Teacher of PSCD) and Ms Claudia Sammut Zammit (Teacher of Physical Education)

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Choir Photos

Prize Day Play Photos

Prize Winners Photos

Mr Daniel Borg 

A highly dedicated and enthusiastic teacher of Chemistry. 

Mr Borg has built the Science Expo website for our school so that we can follow the progress and hard work of his chemistry students. Click on the link shown below - Your positive comments would be greatly appreciated : 


English Science Club

The English Science Club is composed of students from Forms 2,3,4 and 5. They meet every Wednesday during the Mid-Day break under the supervision of Mr Daniel Bartolo and Ms Danielle M Farrugia. 

The objective of this club is to experiment, question and investigate various phenomena. Students are actively involved in seeking understanding by experimenting and examining the results. Videos >>

All  discussions and presentations are done in English in order to help students become skilled in expressing themselves in English. 

Green Flag Awarded for the second consecutive time

Verdala Palace, Buskett - 5th November 2014

           New  Eco- Skola Vice President               Jade Marie Anastasi

Profs. Paul Pace (above) awarding the Green Flag to the Eko-Skola President Laura Marie Mercieca accompanied by Kelsey Micallef (Vice President for the scholastic year 2013-14) and by Ms L. Galea , Assistant Head. Laura Marie Mercieca has been nominated again as the Eco-Skola President for the scholastic year 2014-15 while we congratulate the new Vice  President , Jade Marie Anastasi.  Well done and good luck !    

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day - 16th May 2014 - A Global Day of Action
Students from Class 3.3 participated in the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day held on the 16th May together with other students worldwide. The fun activity was held as part of the Social Studies/Environmental Studies lesson on Global Citizenship. The aim of the lesson was to raise awareness about healthy eating habits amongst school children. A debate also ensued about countries where food is in abundance and sometimes wasted and other countries where there is food shortage. Through this activity the students made Rainbow Wraps by following the cooking lesson which was demonstrated online by Jamie Oliver and his team. The recipe consisted of wholemeal tortilla wraps filled with grated carrots, cabbage, pears and beetroot, herbs and a dollop of yoghurt dressing. Absolutely scrumptious!

Many thanks go to Ms Deguara - Head of School for supporting us in this event together with Ms Laudizio - LSA and Ms Pisani - P.E. Teacher for giving the students a helping hand. The activity was organised by Ms A. Tonna - HOD Social Studies.

            Visit to Gozo in collaboration with Gozo College Boys' Secondary                       23rd May 2014


Erasmus launch

Marie Ann Ciantar (HOD PSD), Patrizia Micallef (PSD) and Anna Maria Grech (Youth worker) manning the stand at the launch of the  Erasmus + Programme at the Magazino Waterfront Terminal on the 20th May 2014

For further information one may visit the website

International Day - Jeans Day    -   Education For Democracy

20th May 2014

Eko–Skola 2013-2014   

Teen's Art Fest 2014

Thirteen Form 3 Art option students from our school participated in the Teens’ Art Fest ’14, a collective art exhibition held at Razzett tal-Markiz Mallia Tabone in Mosta organised by the ‘Ghaqda Filantropika Talent Mosti’. All the students were invited for the inaugural opening held on the 26th of April 2014 and they were presented with a book together with an original signed print by the artist Francis Galea. The students and their art works are : Tamzen Bonavia – Parrot, Kirsty Borg – Pure Beauty, Nikkie Borg Grech - Loneliness, Kelsey Camilleri - Fantasy, Alanis Cardona – The Eye of the Tiger, Astrid Dorekens - Spring in Paris, Nicole Farrugia - Blossomed Sunset and Summer Love, Sian Jones - Tranquility, Hanem Khalifa – After the Rain, Maria Parnis – Flowers and Relaxation, Emily Sciberras Minton – Nocturnal Owl, Francesca Spiteri – Dark Horse and Ruby Zammit - Dreamer.


Aqra iktar >>

Culture Day in Valletta

Carnival Painting Competition

Alanis Cardona, a Form 3 Art option student from our school, won the second prize in this year’s Carnival Painting Competition organised by the Projects Initiatives Section of the Directorate for Educational Services. During the award giving ceremony, Alanis was awarded a prize and a certificate. Nicole Farrugia, Astrid Dorekens, Jada Cutajar and Dianne Zammit were presented with the certificates of participation of all the Art students from our school, who participated in this competition.

Youth Exchange – Thinking out of the Box

A group of 18 youngsters from Bridges Youth Centre, which forms part of Maria Regina College, have recently participated in a bilateral Youth Exchange...  Read Full Post >>

Nhar l-Erbgħa 8 ta’ Jannar 2014, saret attivita' fil-Kulleġġ ta’ Santa Margerita, fl-iskola ... Kompli aqra u ara l video >>


NGO registration number (VO/0140) 

Serving poor children in Brazil, Ethiopia and Kenya. Read more >>

Website: www.gesufilproxxmu.com

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/jesusinthyneighbour

A new School Council 2013/2015 has been elected.  Read more >>

Annual Exams  2015


       Recipe for success

'Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.' ~ William A. Ward 

Head of School

Ms Lina Deguara

After more than fifty years of service for young adults this school will, as from next September, usher  in a new development and a new era.  With the structural reforms of education in Malta, the primary and secondary schools of neighbouring towns and villages, while maintaining their identity and autonomy, came together under the college system.  This school will henceforth become the Secondary School for girls of Maria Regina College.  This means that all the girls of the Primary schools of Mellieha, St Paul's Bay, Mosta, Naxxar and Gharghur, after Year 6, will now start attending this school.  Our main aim is to provide these girls with opportunities that secure the best and the most enriching educational experience to them as well as to nurture good character formation and a holistic development of their personality.

The physical aspect of the school plays a crucial role.  Thus, as the first step, various projects were initiated to achieve this, specifically the painting and embellishment of classrooms and the school environment in general.  

The Foundation for Tomorrow's Schools built and equipped twelve rooms including a new spacious library.  Students desks and classroom furniture were upgraded.  Thirty five interactive whiteboards have been installed.  In addition to the existing laboratories, i.e. three Computer Labs, three Home Economics Labs, two Physics Labs, Biology Lab and Science Lab, another new laboratory for Design and Technology was built and equipped.  A canteen which sells healthy food for the girls will also be launched.

All this work which has been carried out during this Summer will not yield the desired result if the administrators and staff of this school, the students and the parents will not work hand in hand.  Hence, I kindly ask for your co-operation, I encourage you to follow and support the girls in their studies and, above all, to be good role models to your daughters.

I appreciate and I thank you beforehand.